Photography: Twisted Architecture!


I did a bit of a photo-safari around Sandton, near Johannesburg, and snapped lovely clear photos of the buildings from ground level. Being in a creative mood, I tried to turn them into “Planets” in Photoshop CS6. like I did with this photo of Dubai.

Dubai, from the viewing platform of the Burj Khalifa

This was taken from an extremely high viewpoint – most of the buildings you see are between 40 and 70 storeys high, yet they look like little toys.

This shot, of the Dubai Marina, was taken from a yacht at water level. I think it also makes a very acceptable “Planet.”

My Sandton photos, however, turned out VERY differently!

This one looks like a BUG’s head!

And this one just looks awesome! Like an alien machine or something…

I would like to sell prints of these images, and I have a few more that I haven’t included here. They are all over 80MB, so can be enlarged very significantly without losing the incredible detail.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a print, please contact me 🙂


Photographing older couples


I enjoy photographing older people because their faces are not perfect – the lines of smiles and frowns are permanently engraved on their faces and, far from being ugly, those lines give them character.

Older couples are often not that comfortable in front of a camera (especially older men!) so you have to work at helping them to be less self-conscious, to just be themselves.

That’s where the wife comes in…. I find it easier to get the wife to do something specific – like kiss Hubby gently on the cheek – and wait for Hubby to melt a little.

THAT’s when the delightful expression comes out 🙂

Some ladies are so beautiful and full of love for their husbands – even when they’ve been married for a lifetime – they make the photographer’s life so much easier!


(A little tip – ask the lady to just touch her lips to her husband’s cheek, she should not purse her lips.)

Portraits Revealed!

Here is a fantastic e-book, published by Michael Kryzer at Camera Career

Portraits Revealed will give you the knowledge and techniques you need to become an accomplished Portrait Photographer.

Michael covers everything from the types of portrait photography, the equipment, posing, lighting, backgrounds – and especially the business side of being a portrait photographer – how to price yourself correctly is essential in the competitive market we work in.

He even includes (for free!) a photography contract, a model release and a minor model release form, to cover the legal side of things.

I bought the book myself this week and I am impressed 🙂

The book is very reasonably priced at UD$29, and once your payment has been verified (which takes only a few seconds), you will receive the link for the download immediately.

Quick, efficient, and very useful for photographers like me who are always interested in improving their skills.

Canon EOS 60D – F/3.2 – 1/640 second – ISO 800 – 50mm lens